Our Services


Have you ever wondered what your spouse is doing when he/she says they are "working late", or when they are "out to dinner w/ friends"? Let us put that wonder to rest. We can surveil your spouse; we can provide an undercover agent to test your spouse fidelity - all with audio/video proof. - more info


We offer Executive Protection for the individual as well as the corporate world. We are able to provide licensed armed guards anywhere in the United States. Your request can be as simple as a shopping trip or as extensive as a full complement of armed guards. Security can be armed or unarmed as requested. - more info


From basic searches to a full background investigations requiring fingerprinting, credit history, arrest records,etc... With access to Federal and State record databases, all searches are completed accurately and quickly. - more info


Whether it is infidelity, workman's compensation fraud, insurance fraud, theft or any other reason you may need surveillance - Private Investigative Associates can assist you. You will be supplied with a detailed report - tailored to your specific needs. - more info


Whether you are a private person or a business, we offer a wide range of services when it comes to one of the highest forms of loss sweeping the globe. It can be as simple as surveillance for your business or you need an undercover operative secreted posing as an employee- rest assured knowing that we will do whatever it takes to locate your loss. - more info


We will locate witnesses, obtain statements, photograph the accident scene and provide a full scene work-up including diagrams and re-creation. - more info